Inside Cover, Volume 34, Issue 28



The cover shows the retinal π-conjugated system in the wild-type (top) and hS186W mutant (bottom) of human rhodopsin. On page 2460, Erix Wiliam Hernández- Rodríguez, Ana Lilian Montero-Alejo, Rafael López, Elsa Sánchez-García, Luis Alberto Montero-Cabrera, and José Manuel García de la Vega use the method of deformed atoms in molecules (DAM) to study the electron distribution in 11-cis-retinal in wild-type rhodopsin and two mutations associated with retinitis pigmentosa disease: hM207R and hS186W. The apparition of an electron density gap in mutants is related to a loss of charge delocalization. The planarity of Schiff-base regions of the retinal chain in rhodopsin is affected by changes in the electron density.