The inventory of suicide orientation-30: Further validation with adolescent psychiatric inpatients



The present study examined the construct validity of the Inventory of Suicide Orientation-30 (ISO-30; King & Kowalchuk, 1994) with a sample of adolescent psychiatric inpatients. The ISO-30 is designed to assess five dimensions of risk factors related to suicide: hopelessness, suicide ideation, low self-esteem, inability to cope with emotions, and social isolation and withdrawal. Participants included 202 psychiatric hospitalized (106 boys, 96 girls) adolescents, ages 14 to 17 years. Confirmatory factor analyses provided support for the fit of the original five-factor oblique model. Reliability estimates of the study measures were adequate. Evidence of discriminant, convergent, and incremental validity estimates of the ISO-30 were strong. Contributions and limitations of the present findings are discussed. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Clin Psychol.