The dialectical behavior therapy ways of coping checklist: development and psychometric properties



Skills training is a crucial mode of treatment in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT; Linehan, 1993b), yet a psychometrically sound measure of DBT skills use does not exist. We adapted the Revised Ways of Coping Checklist (RWCCL; Vitaliano, Russo, Carr, Maiuro, & Becker, 1985) to create the DBT Ways of Coping Checklist (DBT-WCCL). Using factor analysis procedures, two subscales emerged: one assessing coping via DBT skills, the DBT Skills Subscale (DSS), and one assessing coping via dysfunctional means, the Dysfunctional Coping Subscale (DCS). Principal component, internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and content validity analyses suggested that the scale has good to excellent psychometric properties. In addition, the DSS successfully discriminated patients who received skills training during 4 months of treatment from patients who did not. Moderators of skills use are also discussed. The DBT-WCCL appears to be a promising new measure of DBT skills use. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Clin Psychol: 66:1–20, 2010.