Variable expression of Qa-m7, Qa-m8, and Qa-m9 antigenic determinants on primitive hemopoietic precursor cells



Using monoclonal antibodies, we have analysed the distribution of three recently described Qa antigenic determinants (Qa-m7, Qa-m8 and Qa-m9) on murine clonable hemopoietic progenitor cells and spleen colony-forming units (CFU-S). Cytotoxicity experiments showed that Qa-m7 was expressed on almost all the progenitor cells (colony-forming cells, CFC) of megakaryocytes (MEG-CFC), erythroid cells (E-CFC), B lymphocytes (BL-CFC), and mixed colonies (MIX-CFC) as well as day 13 CFU-S, and a major proportion of granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming cells (GM-CFC) and day 8 CFU-S. Experiments using four sources of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating activity suggested differential expression of Qa-m7 on subpopulations of GM-CFC, those preferentially forming macrophage colonies having lowest Qa-m7 antigen density. Immune rosetting techniques demonstrated the selective expression of Qa-m8 on approximately 50% of MEG-CFC, MIX-CFC and day 13 CFU-S, a pattern similar to that of Qa-m2. In contrast, Qa-m9 was not detected on any of the primitive hemopoietic precursors assayed. The results demonstrate the complexity of the Qa antigenic system, and suggest a possible role for these antigens in hemopoietic differentiation.