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Highlights from the 5th annual meeting of the Italian society of virology



The 5th National Congress of the Italian Society of Virology (SIV) was attended by junior- and senior-level virologists to promote interactions and scientific collaborations among the different areas of Virology and allied sciences. The invited and selected lecturers covered the following topics: General Virology and Viral Genetics; Virus-host Interaction and Pathogenesis; Viral Oncogenesis; Viral Immunology and Vaccines; Anti-viral Therapy; Innovative Diagnostics; Viral Biotechnologies and Cell and Gene Therapy. As in the previous editions (Salata and Palù, 2004; Salata et al., 2005), a specific topic was thoroughly covered in a roundtable. This year the elected subject was “HIV: determinants of pathogenicity and clinical implications.” The final program and the abstract book can be found at the web site This report summarizes the lessons learned from the plenary lectures and the selected oral presentations of the 2005 meeting. J. Cell. Physiol. © 2006 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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