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JCU_20848_sm_suppinfoclip1.avi469KSupporting Information Clip 1: Three-dimensional power Doppler reconstruction shows AVM with tortuous blood vessels.
JCU_20848_sm_suppinfoclip2.mpg1390KSupporting Information Clip 2: Angiography shows the AVM fed by the right uterine artery.
JCU_20848_sm_suppinfoclip3.mpg1048KSupporting Information Clip 3: Angiography performed after first occlusion of feeding artery with ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. Some tiny collaterals originating from the right uterine artery are still visible.
JCU_20848_sm_suppinfoclip4.mpg872KSupporting Information Clip 4: Angiography performed after occlusion of the left uterine artery with gelatin-based surgical hemostatic substance (Gelfoam) and complete occlusion of both uterine arteries.

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