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Serial section reconstruction using a computer graphics system: Applications to intracellular structures in yeast cells and to the periodontal structure of dogs' teeth



A computer graphics system for reconstruction from serial section micrographs was applied to intracellular details of a yeast target cell (Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell) induced by the α factor mating pheromone and was also applied to a periodontal structure of a dog tooth moved orthodontically. In the former, intracellular organelles and a distribution of vesicles could be clearly observed through the cell membrane using the transparent display method in which the smoothing of the reconstructed outer cell membrane surface by computer processing was applied to the transparent display. In the latter case, by cutting through a reconstructed dog tooth and its periodontal tissues, labiolingual and mesiodistal cut surfaces of the tooth and of adjacent alveolar bone could be observed with fine details (232 sections were used).