The mass changes of sodium, potassium, and calcium ions in the rat uterine secretion at blastocyst delay, activation, and attachment have been estimated with X-ray microanalyses of samples of uterine secretions absorbed by small Sephadex beads. A quantification of the ions was attempted by using a standardized coat of gold on the beads as a reference element for normalization of the ion peaks and by fitting the normalized values into corresponding linear regression equations obtained from measurements of step-wise dilutions of a control rat serum.

The concentrations of sodium observed at delay, activation, and attachment were 117, 201, and 203 mEq/l, respectively, and those of potassium were 6, 18, and 19 mEq/l, respectively. Calcium values were about 2 mEq/l and decreased at attachment. Among the anions, only the chloride concentration increased at activation and attachment.