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jezb22467-sup-0001-figureS1.tif79KSupplementary Fig. S1 .Schematic diagram showing the domain organization of putative BmGro and BmNotch protein. Domains are indicated. Black lines denote 2 non-overlapping regions used to synthesize dsRNAs. (A) BmGro contains the conserved Q domain and 7 WD repeats. GP, CcN, and SP domain shared low identity. (B) BmNotch contains several conserved domains. 25 EGF-rep, twenty-five EGF repeats; N/lin 12, Notch lin 12 repeats; trans, predicted transmembrane helix; RAM, RAM domain; Ank, ankyrin repeats.
jezb22467-sup-0001-tableS1.doc62KSupplementary Table S1
jezb22467-sup-0001-tableS2.doc50KSupplementary Table S2
jezb22467-sup-0001-tableS3.doc68KSupplementary Table S3
jezb22467-sup-0001-tableS4.doc55KSupplementary Table S4
jezb22467-sup-0001-tableS5.doc57KSupplementary Table S5

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