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Figure S1. Phalloidin staining of pharyngeal act filament. (A,B) Wild-type C. briggsae strain, AF16, at the second larval stage. (C,D) Cbr-puf-2(nm66) mutant animals.

Figure S2. Genotyping results: axenic and transgenic rescues. (A) Genotyping results for axenic rescued Cbr-puf-2(nm66) mutant animals. Cbr-puf-2 PCR primers specific for deletion region (lanes on the left) or intact genomic region (lanes on the right) were used. Lanes are: nm66(axenic), adult nm66 growing in axenic culture; AF16, wild-type C. briggsae; H2O control, no-template control; nm66/cby-15, parental strain for axenic culture; nm66, arrested Cbr-puf-2 mutant growing on regular bacteria food; cby-15, Dyp mutant, pseudo-balancer for nm66. (B) Genotyping results for transgenic rescued Cbr-puf-2(nm66;nmIs4). Lanes are: nm66;nmIs4, adult nm66 with integrated wild-type Cbr-puf-2 genomic region; nm66/+, Cbr-puf-2 mutant allele carrier; +/+, wild-type progeny from nm66/+; nm66, arrested Cbr-puf-2 mutant progeny from nm66/+; H2O control, no-template control.

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