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jezb22558-sm-0001-SupLeg-S1.docx23KLegends for Supplementary Figs and Tables
jezb22558-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.tif19802KFigure S1. Restriction fingerprints of L. menadoensis BAC clones comprising the immunoglobulin heavy chain loci.
jezb22558-sm-0002-SupFig-S2.tif19799KFigure S2. Analysis of the constant region exons of the IgW loci.
jezb22558-sm-0003-SupFig-S3.tif19800KFigure S3. Alignment of deduced amino acid sequences of putatively functional L. chalumnae immunoglobulin VH gene segments.
jezb22558-sm-0004-SupFig-S4.tif5418KFigure S4. Orphan Ig-like scaffolds.
jezb22558-sm-0005-SupFig-S5.docx16KFigure S5. Amino acid translations of the Rag1 fragments from the Indonesian coelacanth transcriptome.
jezb22558-sm-0006-SupFig-S6.tif19800KFigure S6. Activation-induced cytidine deaminase (Aicda) gene in coelacanth.
jezb22558-sm-0007-SupFig-S7.docx23KFigure S7. Partial TCR transcripts (constant regions) from transcriptomes of L. menadoensis (liver+testis) and L. chalumnae (muscle).
jezb22558-sm-0008-SupFig-S8.tif5083KFigure S8. Phylogenetic relationships of T-cell receptor constant regions.
jezb22558-sm-0009-SupFig-S9.tif19800KFigure S9. Multiple alignments of the Latimeria CD4 amino acid sequence with other known CD4 molecules.
jezb22558-sm-0010-SupTab-S1.tif13122KTable S1. Compilation of IgH-containing BAC clones from L. menadoensis.
jezb22558-sm-0011-SupTab-S2.docx22KTable S2. The top BLASTX hits for each individual constant region domain from both IgW1 and IgW2 loci.
jezb22558-sm-0012-SupTab-S3.docx30KTable S3. A listing of upsteam and downstream conserved sequences for respective V, D, and J segments of L. menadoensis IgH loci. V and D coding segments of immunoglobulin genes are accompanied by short recombination signal sequences (RSS), which are in opposite orientations at the respective 5′ and 3′ termini of the coding sequences.
jezb22558-sm-0013-SupTab-S4.docx25KTable S4. A listing of upstream and downstream conserved sequences for respective V segments of L. chalumnae IgH loci.
jezb22558-sm-0014-SupTab-S5.docx15KTable S5. A list of V and C gene segments that were localized to five different scaffolds in L. chalumnae genome.
jezb22558-sm-0015-SupTab-S6.docx138KTable S6. Percent similarity and percent identity between coelacanth Rag1 and Rag2 proteins among selected vertebrates.
jezb22558-sm-0016-SupTab-S7.xlsx21KTable S7. A list of Latimeria genes encoding complement components.
jezb22558-sm-0017-SupTab-S8.docx23KTable S8. Cluster of Differentiation (CD) genes identified in the L. chalumnae genome along with their locations on respective scaffolds.
jezb22558-sm-0018-SupTab-S9.docx17KTable S9. Cytokine receptor genes identified in the L. chalumnae genome along with their locations on respective scaffolds.
jezb22558-sm-0019-SupTab-S10.docx15KTable S10. Degenerate primers used for PCR amplification of µ-type fragments of immunoglobulin heavy chain.

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