Editorial: Review Articles for Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres are Welcome


    [1] The vast majority of manuscripts published in JGR-Atmospheres are original research articles. Each of those articles advances the understanding of chemical and physical properties and processes in the atmosphere and interactions of the atmosphere with the surface of the Earth.

    [2] The Editors of JGR-Atmospheres recognize the great scientific value of articles reviewing, assessing, and synthesizing the large body of existing literature on a selected subject and going beyond the conclusions that any individual paper can reach. An example is the article on the climate effects of black carbon by Bond et al. (2013), which provides an unprecedented review and assessment of the current state of the science and makes a substantive effort to quantify the role of black carbon in the climate system.* Although such reviews depart from the regular format of papers that JGR-Atmospheres commonly publishes, they can have high relevance to and impact on science and society. The editors of JGR-Atmospheres invite both solicited and unsolicited contributions of this type and will give them a thorough and comprehensive review. In this regard, we will give preference to unique contributions that review, evaluate, assess, and synthesize the literature on high-impact, emerging, and frontier subjects in the Atmospheric Sciences and are authored by multi-institutional teams of leading scientists in the field. Pre-submission communications with the Editors of JGR-Atmospheres are encouraged to determine the suitability of the topic and scope of an intended review article.