Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Shadow-band correction for diffuse ultraviolet radiation measurements



[1] Although the correction of shadow-band solar total diffuse measurements has been extensively studied, the case of diffuse ultraviolet measurements has not been properly addressed. This study analyzes the correction factor to be applied to experimental measurements performed adapting a shadow-band to a UV radiometer at a radiometric station in Badajoz (Spain). Three different models, based on approaches widely used for correcting total diffuse measurements, have been revised and adapted for the ultraviolet spectral range. Results reveal that some aspects of the correction proposed for total diffuse radiation are not suitable for ultraviolet diffuse radiation. The mathematical expressions are consequently modified to match the behavior in the ultraviolet range. Thus, three correction models particularized for ultraviolet diffuse measurements are proposed and validated against experimental data. The two models adapted from the original expressions proposed by Battles et al., and Steven show the best performance, with rRMSE of 2.74% and 2.20% and rMBE of 1.53% and 0.46%, respectively.