FigA1.tifTIFF image369KExample for calculating the normalized distance for a 3 × 2 subgrid. A gray cross indicates the location of an AMAX-DOAS measurement within one OMI pixel exemplified by the blue rectangle. The matrix in step 1 indicates whether a subgrid cell contains an AMAX-DOAS measurement or not. In step 2, the red outline of the cross or the red circle marks the location of the subgrid cell which is the point of view for the distance calculation. The matrixes here indicate the distance of the other AMAX-DOAS measurements to the measurements of the subgrid cell in question. In this case, the normalized distance is 12/50 = 0.24.
FigA2.tifTIFF image14088KCorrelation plot of data listed in Table 2.
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