Parameterization of PAR vertical profile within horizontally uniform forest canopies for use in environmental modeling


Corresponding author: B. Lalic, Faculty of Agriculture, Department for Field and Vegetable Crops, University of Novi Sad, Dositej Obradovic Sq. 8, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia. (


[1] The radiation transfer within the forest canopy plays crucial role in energy balance and turbulent transfer processes. Objective of this study is to suggest a new relation for vertical profile of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in case of horizontally uniform forest canopy. It is based on (i) the Lambert-Beer law relationship and (ii) new parameterization of leaf area density (LAD) profile. We have supposed that absorption coefficient μ varies with height and depends on LAD distribution. To check validity of the relation proposed, we have compared calculated values with the observations using data sets assimilated during Anglo-Brazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study experiment at two observational sites located in Reserva Jaru and Reserva Ducke (Brazil) with different types of forest. Among all available measurements, 615 profiles observed between 08 and 18 local mean time for 72 days at 2 locations were selected. For comparison study, two more profiles based on constant- and variable-LAD approximation were introduced. Obtained results indicate that suggested relation: (i) well reproduces PAR profile within the forest in comparison with observations and (ii) shows better agreement with observations in comparison with two other profiles used in this study.