jgrd50722-sup-0001-2013JD019769_figureS1.epsPS document16380KHysplit back trajectory cluster analyses. Three day back trajectories were modeled using NOAA Hysplit v4.0 with the NAM12 12 km resolution meteorology dataset for all 550 hourly samples collected at 22 m during NACHTT. A cluster analysis of the resulting back trajectories revealed 5 major clusters (panel A). Two day back trajectories were also modeled for the hourly samples with the top 10% and bottom 10% of propane mixing ratios. Cluster analysis of the top 10% propane samples show that of the 6 clusters identified, clusters 2 (blue), 3 (green), and 6 (yellow), a total of 56% of the back trajectories, passed through the natural gas production area to the northeast of the BAO (panel B). In contrast, none of the 5 clusters identified for the bottom 10% propane samples pass through the most dense natural gas production region (panel C)
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