• cloud;
  • water vapor;
  • climate model;
  • satellite observation

[1] In the paper “Evaluation of Cloud and Water Vapor Simulations in CMIP5 Climate Models Using NASA “A-Train” Satellite Observations” by Jiang et al. (Journal of Geophysical Research, 117, D14105, 24 PP, doi:10.1029/2011JD017237, 2012), two typos were found in Table 4b for the entries at row 13, first and third columns, presenting the MIROC5 model simulated water vapor spatial means inline image at pressure levels 100 hPa and 215 hPa. The values should read 0.181 and 0.561 instead of 0.00181 and 0.0561, respectively. These typos caused an error in the statement in line 11 of the abstract, where “from ~1% to 2×” should be changed to “from ~50% to 2×.” The model performance scores and figures were not affected by the above typos. In addition, the label for the color bar on the upper-right corner in Figure 8 should be “CWC” instead of “CWP”.