Auxiliary_Materialfs01.pdfPDF document43KTime course of bacterial production during the three consecutive regrowth incubations carried out using the same water sample from lake Bran-de-Scie in 2006.
Auxiliary_Materialfs02.pdfPDF document92KTime courses of the relative decrease in algal (green circles) and terrestrial (brown squares) C within lake bulk DOC.
Auxiliary_Materialfs03.pdfPDF document38KThe relationship between (a) the average lifetime of the more reactive compounds (RC model parameter a; (log(y) = −1.39 + 0.27 x, R2 = 0.99, n = 6, P < 0.001), (b) the relative preponderance of the more refractory components (RC model parameter v; y = −0.0031 − 0.0012 x, R2 = 0.88, N = 6, P < 0.01) estimated for terrestrial DOC, and total phosphorus concentrations.
FGuillemetteJGRBiogeosciences2012JG002233Cover_Letter.docxWord 2007 document16KSupporting information

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