text01.pdfPDF document58Ktext01. The text file describes modeling parameters for (1) hypothesis testing ebullition seep spatial patterns, (2) inhomogeneous Poisson models to test lake bed lake-bed slope and water depth as potential covariates of ebullition-seep point processes in lakes, and (3) Thomas process variant of the generalized Poisson cluster process model to model seep locations on lakes independent of explanatory variables, such as lake bed morphology.
fs01.pdfPDF document54Kfs01.pdf Graphical results for test of H01: complete spatial randomness and independence.
fs02.pdfPDF document157Kfs02.pdf Graphical results for randomization test of H02: independence of components.
fs03.pdfPDF document28Kfs03.pdf Graphical results for randomization test of H03: random labeling.
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