2013jg002370fs01p.epsPS document483KCH4 loss from headspaces in the bubble traps over time. Open diamonds indicate the uppermost 10% of the headspace CH4 concentrations of each sampling period. Open circles and vertical lines indicate mean and median bubble CH4 fluxes, respectively. Boxes show the range between the 25th and 75th percentiles, and whiskers denote the 90th percentile. The plot uses data from July and August during which ebullition occurred most frequently.
2013jg002370fs02p.epsPS document7087KLake- and year-specific temperatures at different water depths (0.1−7.0 m) for (a, c, f, i) Inre Harrsjön, (b, d, g, j) Mellan Harrsjön, and (e, h, k) Villasjön. Note that Villasjön was not measured in 2009.
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