Permethylated cyclodextrins in the GC separation of racemic mixtures of volatiles: Part 1



The chromatographic separation of racemic mixtures of volatile compounds by 2,3,6-trimethyl-α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins is discussed. Columns were prepared by mixing the derivatized cyclodextrin with OV-1701 or hydroxy-terminated OV-1701 (OV-1701-OH) following Schurig's method [1]. About 130 racemates with widely differing structures were used to test the performances of 2,3,6-permethylated-α, β- and, γ-cyclodextrins mixed with the polysiloxane polymers in different ratios. The influence of the different types of cyclodextrin on racemate separation is shown, and some phenomena which might be helpful in the elucidation of the chromatographic behavior involved are also described. The influence both of the percentage of cyclodextrin in the polysiloxane, and of the operating conditions (carrier gas, flow rate, and temperature) in the separation of flavor and fragrance racemates is also evaluated.