Cold on-column – solvent split injection with a three-way press-fit device



In a previous paper we described the possibilities of cold on-column – sample split injection achieved by means of an inexpensive and simple three way press-fit device [1]. The same arrangement is proposed here for cold on-column – solvent split injection in which specific elimination of the solvent, without loss of any other sample components, is achieved by opening the splitting tube (or better, in this case, the early solvent vapor exit) during solvent elution, and then closing it during elution of the sample's other components.

Discrimination between solvent and other sample components is achieved by means of a retention gap, a retaining precolumn, and an early vapor exit.

The technique enables both selective enrichment of a sample, in order to record satisfactory mass and infrared spectra of minor components, and injection of large volumes (up to 100 μl) of dilute solutions which cannot be concentrated because of component volatility. Details of the assembly and tuning the system are given, together with some examples.