• global south;
  • environmental/climatic variability;
  • livelihood options;
  • poverty reduction;
  • policy intervention


Environmental variability and climate change has become an enormous challenge of our time. Policy approaches to find sustainable strategies and interventions have become more and more important by the day. Whilst it is difficult to predict the current and future impacts of a phenomenon with such diverse impact streams, it is evident that the livelihood options of the poor and marginal societies in the global south are more likely to experience a significant shift. Again, their environment and the availability of the resources they depend on for their sustenance are predicted to be dwindling. This editorial seeks to bring together diverse approaches and experience from some of the different geographical regions in the global south identified to be most likely to be affected by environmental variability and to examine the various policy options that could facilitate the livelihood options of the poor, enhance their adaptation and reduce poverty. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.