• evaluation;
  • research;
  • methodology;
  • values;
  • judgements;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Fair Trade


This article considers the distinction between, first, doing research and having research findings and, second, giving value to those findings, making evaluative judgements about the research. Although there is a great deal of analysis on how to do research, there is less attention to making explicit the range of values which inform evaluative judgements and match various individual and institutions interests in the research findings. We argue that processes of evaluation should be thought of as developmental and, if based on the values of the development initiative, become one of the ‘means’ through which development goals are established, contributing to shared outcomes that are the ‘ends’ of development. This article is a contribution to understanding the valuing of research findings by discussing ways to facilitate these processes and suggesting a number of practical steps that can contribute to making evaluation a ‘means’ to development ‘ends’. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.