A rapid synthesis of [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [82Br]- 2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose using D-glucal as precursor



A new rapid synthesis of [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose is described. Reaction of 82Br2 with D-glucal in CHCl3, followed by treatment with 1 N HCl gave [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose in the yield of 61.1 % and 27.7 %, respectively. The synthesis time was 20 min. The radiochemical purity of [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose was greater than 95 %. The radiochemical yield of [82Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [82 Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose was 14.3 % and 31.6 %, respectively. D-Glucal was shown to be a useful precursor to allow rapid production of usable amounts of glucose analogs such as [75Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-mannose and [75Br]-2-deoxy-2-bromo-D-glucose.