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Preliminary studies of a novel cyclopentadienyl tricarbonyl technetium-99m fatty acid derivative for myocardical imaging


Correspondence to: Prof. Hong Zhang, Prof. Mei Tian, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Second Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, 88 Jiefang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310009, China.



This study reports the synthesis and evaluation studies of 6′-cyclopentadienyl tricarbonyl technetium-99m 6′-oxo-11-(hexanamide)undecanoic acid (1). 1 was prepared with 26.5 ± 4.3% of radiochemical yield and more than 98% of radiochemical purity. Tissue distribution in mice showed that high radioactivity accumulated in the heart with moderate clearance. However, unfortunately, similar to those of other technetium-labeled fatty acid analogs, the biodistribution studies of 1 in mice showed poor heart-to-blood ratios, which suggested that 1 cannot be used as myocardial imaging agent, and it may provide a theoretical basis or a lab experience for corresponding fatty acid tracers studies.

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