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Iodine-131 radiolabeling of poly ethylene glycol-coated gold nanorods for in vivo imaging


Correspondence to: Sodeh Sadjadi, Nuclear Fuel Cycle School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, End of North Karegar Ave. Po. Box: 1439951113, Tehran, Iran.



Gold nanorods (GNRs) can be used in various biomedical applications; however, very little is known about their in vivo tissue distribution by radiolabeling. Here, we have developed a rapid and simple method with high yield and without disturbing their optical properties for radiolabeling of gold rods with iodine-131 in order to track in vivo tissue uptake of GNRs after systemic administration by biodistribution analysis and γ-imaging. Following intravenous injection into rat, PEGylated GNRs have much longer blood circulation times.