Millennials and globalization

The cross-cultural challenge of intragenerational leadership



There is much discussion about the way Millennials are shaping organizations in the 21st century. We are cautioned to consider the implications of multiple generations working within the same organization. These discussions, however, tend to leave out the cross-cultural dimensions of intragenerational leadership. Globalization is reshaping leadership not only at the vertical level (multiple generations working in the same organization) but also horizontally (communication and technology reshaping the way Millennials interact with other Millennials across national boundaries). This article offers a framework through which we can develop key questions for curricular development and scholarly research related to intragenerational leadership. This article presents a general definition of leadership, using five components (leaders, followers, goals, context, and cultural norms). This definition is then applied to the concept of globalization as the new context that the Millennials face. The article suggests possible curricular and research questions that may help us gain a deeper understanding of intragenerational leadership.