A rapid method for detecting malformations in rat fetuses


  • Supported in part by National Heart Institute Graduate Cardiovascular Training grant 2T1-HE 5493 (Dr. Barrow, Trainee) and by grants from the North-east Florida Heart Association, Inc., and the Palm Beach Heart Association, Inc., Chapters of the Florida Heart Association, Inc. Read before the Teratology Society, Estes Park, Colorado, May, 1967.


A rapid method for examining rat fetuses is presented. The technique consists of fixing the fetuses in Bouin's solution, serially sectioning the head, neck and lower trunk with a razor blade and doing sagittal sections of the heart after opening the thoracic cavity. Examples of sections from normal 20 day rat fetuses are given as well as some with the following abnormalities: cleft palate produced by chlorcyclizine and eye and heart malformations resulting from anti-adult rat kidney serum.