Studies in man with a cold-recombinant live influenza b virus vaccine



A cold recombinant live influenza B virus vaccine was tested in man. In comparison to a placebo, reactogenicity attributable to virus infection was slight or moderate. No revertant viruses were shed, and there was no evidence of transmission to the placebo group who were housed in close contact with the vaccinees. Serological responses to initial inoculation were moderate; 60% of vaccinees showing twofold increases in serum hemagglutination inhibition (HAI) titers gave a geometric mean titer (GMT) of 1:13

Three weeks after the first vaccination, both the vaccine and the placebo group were revaccinated with homologous live virus vaccine. Thc group previously given vaccine was resistant to reinfection as judged from clinical reactions and virus shedding and the GMT increased only slightly to 1:16.3. In contrast, the former placebo group responded; mild symptoms were seen, the majority shed viruses and 50% showed twofold increases in serum HAI titers to a geometric mean titer of 1:17.4.