• integral equations;
  • method of analytical regularization;
  • eigenvalue problem;
  • generalized boundary conditions


Considered are the problems of electromagnetic wave scattering, absorption and emission by several types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional dielectric and metallic objects: arbitrary dielectric cylinder, thin material strip and disk, and arbitrary perfectly electrically conducting surface of rotation. In each case, the problem is rigorously formulated and reduced to a set of boundary integral equations with smooth, singular and hyper-singular kernel functions. These equations are further discretized using Nystrom-type quadrature formulas adapted to the type of kernel singularity and the edge behavior of unknown function. Convergence of discrete models to exact solutions is guaranteed by general theorems. Practical accuracy is achieved by inverting the matrices of the size that is only slightly greater than the maximum electrical dimension of corresponding scatterer. Sample numerical results are presented. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.