• capacitance;
  • charge distribution;
  • disk;
  • truncated cone;
  • method of moment


This paper presents a method for the evaluation of capacitance and charge distribution of a dielectric coated metallic disk and a dielectric coated metallic hollow truncated cone with top and bottom cover plates using the method of moments (MoM) based on pulse basis function and point matching. Boundary conditions for the potential on the conductor surfaces and continuity of the normal component of the displacement density at the dielectric-free space interface is used to generate two integral equations. Two sets of simultaneous equations are formed from the two integral equations by using MoM. The total free charge on the conductor surface is found from the solution for the set of simultaneous equations. The validity of the analysis has been justified by comparing the data on capacitance available in the literature for metallic disk and hollow truncated cone with top and bottom cover plates, with the data on the capacitance, computed by the presented method for similar structures considering very low dielectric constant as well as very thin dielectric coating. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.