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Efficient design of a double-band coplanar hybrid antenna using multi-objective evolutionary programming



In this paper, we propose the optimization of the parameters of a hybrid antenna for wireless applications by using a multi-objective evolutionary programming (EP). Specifically, the antenna proposed is formed by a planar inverted-F antenna and a coplanar patch, in the same structure. The objective functions to carry out the optimization process are related to the antenna's bandwidth and the gain requirements in the wireless applications considered. In fact, the antenna is intended to be used in mobile and WIFI applications simultaneously. To be concise, we have utilized an improved fast EP optimization approach that includes a selection mechanism based on nondominated ranking procedure with crowding distance to maintain diversity in the population. In the experimental part of the paper, we show that the multi-objective EP–improved fast EP is able to obtain excellent results in the parameters' design of this hybrid device, with reasonable values of both bandwidth and gain values. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.