High-performance doubly fed induction machine drive system using predictive direct torque control drive system fed by indirect matrix converters



This paper presents a novel predictive direct torque control for doubly fed induction machine based on indirect matrix converter (IMC), which is characterized by its simple structure, minimal-torque ripple, and constant switching frequency. Nowadays, the control strategies based on predictive methods have proved their efficiency to improve drive systems capabilities. So, in this paper, one of the best predictive methods that have recently been suggested for doubly fed induction machine drive systems is applied to IMC. The purpose of this combination is to modify the control parameters and size/volume reduction of drive system structure, which is difficult to achieve in conventional systems based on voltage source inverters. The good tracking behavior with reduced torque and flux ripple for both motoring and generating modes as well as removing bulky electrolytic capacitor from the DC link of a converter resulted by using three vectors, two active vectors together with one zero vector per switching period, and applying these vectors to the inverter stage of IMC. To improve the motor drive system performance and reduce losses caused by snubber circuits, the rectifier four-step commutation method in rectifier bridge is used. In the inverter stage, the predictive direct torque control method is employed. The simulation results of the proposed model confirm its effectiveness and accuracy. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.