• electromagnetic transient analysis;
  • smoothed particle electromagnetics (SPEM);
  • consistency restoring


In this paper, an enhanced variant of the meshless smoothed particle electromagnetics (SPEM) method is performed in order to solve PDEs in time domain describing 3D transient electromagnetic phenomena. The method appears to be very efficient in approximating spatial derivatives in the numerical treatment of Maxwell's curl equations. In many cases, very often, accuracy degradation, due to a lack of particle consistency, severely limits the usefulness of this approach. A numerical corrective strategy, which allows to restore the SPEM consistency, without any modification of the smoothing kernel function and its derivatives, is presented.

The method allows to restore the same order of consistency for both interior and the boundary regions outperforming the original version of SPEM as far as accuracy and stability are concerned. Therefore, computational details are reported and simulations, using uniform and non-uniform particles distribution in 3D domains, are performed for the first time in order to validate the proposed approach. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.