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JNR_22060_sm_SuppFig1.tif1421KSupporting Information Figure 1. Real-time PCR validates the results of microarray analyses for upregulation of various genes in IL-1β-activated astrocytes. Primary human astrocytes were activated with IL-1β (20 ng/ml). RNA samples isolated 8 h post-activation were subjected to real-time PCR. Transcript levels for each gene were normalized to GAPDH levels. The transcripts for IL-8 (n=6; Panel A), PTX3 (P<0.0001, n=4; Panel B), BIRC3 (P<0.0001, n=4; Panel C), and BID (P<0.0001, n=4; Panel D) were upregulated in IL-1β-activated astrocytes compared to controls. The data are expressed as mean values for all results±SEM.
JNR_22060_sm_SuppFig2.tif5871KSupporting Information Figure 2. The comprehensive network merging 4 separate pathway networks relevant to apoptosis signaling. The four pathway networks identified by IPA that included eight anti- or pro-apoptotic genes are merged by using IPA. Colored nodes, genes showing upregulation (red or pink) or down-regulation (green) after treatment with IL-1b (for detailed additional information, see
JNR_22060_sm_Supptable.doc142KSupporting Information Table I. Summary of clinical/pathological characteristics

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