Collective fit perceptions: A multilevel investigation of person–group fit with individual-level and team-level outcomes



This study describes a multilevel examination of person–group (PG) fit perceptions in a sample of 1023 individuals working in 92 teams at a private sector R&D firm. Using confirmatory factor analysis and multilevel random coefficient modeling, we provide evidence that perceptions of team-level collective fit are unique from aggregated individual-level PG fit perceptions at the individual and team levels. We demonstrate that collective values-based and abilities-based fit perceptions showed unique and positive relationships with team cohesion, team efficacy, and team performance, after accounting for aggregated individual perceptions of PG fit. Results also demonstrate that cohesion partially mediates the relationship between collective fit and team performance. Cross-level effects were also supported, indicating that collective fit explains additional variance in individual-level outcomes, beyond individual-level PG fit perceptions. The usefulness of employing a multilevel approach to studying PG fit is discussed. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.