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Toward a Standardized Model for Leadership Development in International Organizations



To ensure survival and success in a competitive global environment, organizations need to develop leaders to handle current concerns and to be prepared to address future challenges. Yet research shows that many companies do not have a structured process in place for developing their leaders. This is a clear area for improvement within the human resources function. A study of human resources practices at five multinational firms points the way toward a structured process to develop the strong leaders needed to ensure organizational success in a competitive global market. Such a system would address strategies for defining and locating talent, identify the needs of leaders at each crucial stage (novice, intermediate, and expert), and focus on eight factors that are essential to the development of strong leaders: providing “stretch” assignments, making current leaders responsible for developing employees, implementing talent networks across the company, organizing proactive learning activities, rewarding talent differently, using coaching and mentoring networks, assessing performance development and potential development differently, and allowing talent to manage the leadership development department. The suggestions provided offer guidance for reviewing internal policies and procedures and implementing the steps needed to create a leadership development process that benefits the organization and the individuals who compose it. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.