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jor22484-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.doc1178KFigure S1. Morphology of hBT-SCs and hBM-MSCs.
jor22484-sm-0002-SupFig-S2.doc266KFigure S2. Representative flow cytometry analysis of cell-surface markers in hBT-SCs and hBM-MSCs at the passage 3.
jor22484-sm-0003-SupFig-S3.doc102KFigure S3. Telomerase activities of hBT-SCs and hBM-MSCs by ELISA-based TRAP assay.
jor22484-sm-0004-SupTab-S1.doc49KTable S1. Immunocytochemical Properties of hBT-SCs and hBM-MSCs

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