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jor22488-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.docx128KFigure S1. X-ray of a neutrally aligned specimen including: (I) Medial/lateral [ML] X-ray with the (A) lateral talometatarsal angle [LTMA, angle between two lines; one between the distal and proximal bisection of the metatarsal and the other through the bisection of the talar dome and the talar head], (B) calcaneal pitch angle [CPA, angle between two lines; one representing the dorsal surface of the calcaneus and the other from the calcaneus to the base of the fifth metatarsal (i.e., the ground)], and (C) navicular height [NH, distance from the inferior surface of the navicular from the ground] measurements; (II) Hindfoot alignment X-ray view with the (D) calcaneal eversion distance [CED, horizontal distance from the most inferior point of the posterior calcaneus to a bisection of the tibia] measurement; (III) Anterior/posterior [AP] X-ray view with the (E) talonavicular coverage angle [TNCA, angle between the perpendicular vector through the center of the talar head and the perpendicular vector through the center of the concave articulating surface of the navicular with the talar head] measurement.[12-14]

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