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Tableting lipid-based formulations for oral drug delivery:A case study with silica nanoparticle–lipid–mannitol hybrid microparticles



Silica–lipid–mannitol hybrid (SLMH) microparticles have been developed that were compressible into high quality tablets suitable for oral dosing and delivery of poorly soluble drugs. SLMH tablets enable high lipid-loading levels (>40%) and retain the immediate release, enhanced lipase digestion and drug solubilisation performance. Specifically, we report formulation optimisation of SLMH microparticles and tablets using coumarin 102 (log P = 4.09) as a model Biopharmaceutics Classification System class II drug. SLMH tablets were acceptable according to standard British Pharmacopoeia friability, hardness and disintegration tests; this is not the case for conventional dry emulsions. Furthermore, in vitro dissolution and pancreatic-lipase-induced lipolysis studies under simulated intestinal conditions have demonstrated enzymatic-digestion-mediated drug solubilisation. SLMH microparticles and tablets are suitable as liquid lipid containing solid dosage forms for enhancing and controlling oral absorption of poorly soluble drugs. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. and the American Pharmacists Association J Pharm Sci 102:684–693, 2013