Decomposition of aspirin in the solid state in the presence of limited amounts of moisture II: Kinetics and salting-in of aspirin in aqueous acetic acid solutions



The solubility of aspirin in saturated solutions of salicylic acid (and vice versa) was studied in 0 to 16 M aqueous solutions of acetic acid. The solubilities, when expressed in molarity, go through a maximum at an acetic acid concentration of ∼12 M. The temperature dependence of the solubilities is such that the logarithm of the solubility is linear in reciprocal absolute temperature. The calculated enthalpies are of the order of 11 kcal/mol. The kinetics of aspirin decomposition was also studied at the different acetic acid concentrations, and it was found that the second-order hydrolysis rate constant is fairly independent of acetic acid concentration. Aspirin decomposition follows an Arrhenius equation and has an activation energy of 18 kcal/mol.