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jqs_1504_sm_SuppFigS1.doc698KSupporting Figure S1. Binary diagrams of major elements and Agpaitic Index vs. SiO2 for tephras ODP1, ODP3 and ODP4
jqs_1504_sm_SuppFigS2.doc533KSupporting Figure S2. Binary diagrams of selected trace elements vs. Zr content for ODP tephra samples
jqs_1504_sm_SuppTabS1.doc87KSupporting Table S1. Major elements, and trace and rare earth elements of all investigated tephra layers
jqs_1504_sm_SuppTabS2.doc40KSupporting Table S2. Representative compositions, recalculated to 100% water free, of ODP tephras and their proximal and distal counterpart in terrestrial, marine and lacustrine settings

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