In the paper ‘A well-established Early—Middle Pleistocene marine sequence on south-east Zakynthos island, western Greece: magneto-biostratigraphic constraints and palaeoclimatic implications’ of Papanikolau et al. (2011), the final version of Fig. 2 was found to be corrupted, showing strange patterning around each arrow in part (b). The correct version of Fig. 2 is presented here.

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Figure 2. (a) Simplified geological map of the central Ionian islands and Western Peloponnesus modified from the maps of the IGME, Underhill (1985, 1989), Nikolaou (1986), and neotectonic maps of Mariolakos et al. (1998) and unpublished results from E. Lekkas, D. Papanikolaou and I. Fountoulis (1992). Pl-Q, Pliocene–Quaternary post-orogenic deposits; Pa, Paxos Unit; Io, Ionian Unit; Ga-Tr, Gavrovo–Tripoli Unit; Pi, Pindos Unit. Dashed line indicates hidden thrust lines. (b) Geological map of the island of Zakynthos modified from Dermitzakis et al. (1979), Underhill (1985), Nikolaou (1986) and Papanikolaou et al. (2010). The rectangle indicates the area of investigation.

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