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JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Appendix-S1.doc55KAppendix S1. Comments on chronology.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Table-S1.pdf48KTable S1. Radiocarbon ages that constrain the ice margin position in the Jakobshavn Isbrae region, western Greenland.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Table-S2.pdf66KTable S2. Background data from the Disko Bugt region for calculation of 10Be ages.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Table-S3.pdf40KTable S3. 10Be ages with Lal/Stone and Lifton scaling from the Disko Bugt region.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Table-S4.pdf29KTable S4. 10Be production rates with the 101 m asl delta at Holger Danskes Briller).
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Fig-S1.tif10174KFig. S1. Greenland with positions of previous and ongoing cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating studies.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Fig-S2.tif19540KFig. S2. Photographs showing the six moraine boulders from the Tasiussaq Moraine.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Fig-S3.tif17918KFig. S3. A comparison of spallation-based reference 10Be production rates with the St scaling scheme, normalized to sea level high latitude.
JQS_1562_sm_Suppl-Fig-S4.tif11353KFig. S4. Relative sea level curve for Kjove Land and the depth-profile surface ages of the 101 m asl delta at Holger Danskes Briller.

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