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jqs_1568_sm_SupplInfo.pdf42KSupplementary Information
jqs_1568_sm_SupplFigS1.eps402KSupplementary Figure S1. Schematic sketches of the millennial scale depositional mechanism of Mn. (a) Weak monsoon wind reduces mixing of the lake. Anoxic condition of the bottom water leads to leaching of Mn2+ from sediment. (b) Strong monsoon wind enhances vertical mixing of the lake. Mn2+ is oxidized by dissolved oxygen and deposit as MnO2.
jqs_1568_sm_SupplFigS2.eps855KSupplementary Figure S2. Scatter plots of major elements versus TiO2.
jqs_1568_sm_SupplFigS3.eps589KSupplementary Figure S3. Temporal variations of MnO, Fe2O3 and P2O5. Eight AMS 14C dates of leaves are shown with an uncertainty interval of 1 σ.

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