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jqs_2555_sm_SupplAppendixS1.doc38KSupplementary Appendix S1. Proglacial lake reconstruction - methods and limitations.
jqs_2555_sm_SupplFigS1.tif12095KSupplementary Figure S1. Oblique aerial photograph of streamlined glacial lineations on the western side of the Strait of Magellan. View is to the north east. These highly elongate drumlins reach lengths of 3 km and many exhibit elongation ratios of approximately 10:1. Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Hauke Steinberg (
jqs_2555_sm_SupplFigS2.tif2747KSupplementary Figure S2. Figure S2. Glacial lineations in Fs-4 coloured by elongation ratio. Dashed line shows inferred lateral shear margin position. See Fig. 2 for location.
jqs_2555_sm_SupplTabsS1-S2.doc50KSupplementary Tables S1-S2.

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