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jqs_2556_sm_SuppInfo.doc49KLuminescence Dating of 4 IRSL samples in the Rakaia Valley, New Zealand
jqs_2556_sm_SuppFigLegends.doc207KSupporting Information Figure Legends
jqs_2556_sm_SuppFigS1.pdf360KFig. S1. Photographic examples of lithofacies from the upstream section.
jqs_2556_sm_SuppFigS2.pdf192KFig. S2. Photo of a pond over buried ice in outwash in front of the Fox Glacier on the west coast of South Island.
jqs_2556_sm_SuppFigS3.pdf385KFig. S3. Photographic examples of some lithofacies of the upstream and downstream sections.
jqs_2556_sm_SuppFigS4.pdf78KFig. S4. Photo of modern Tasman Glacier terminus with proglacial lake (March 2008), in the Mount Cook region.

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