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jqs_2559_sm_SuppAppS1_S2_SuppFig_Tab_Leg.doc30KSupporting Appendix S1 and S2: Text S1. Chronology. Text S2. Detrital Strontium (Srdet)
jqs_2559_sm_SuppFigS1.pdf157KSupporting Figure S1: Photographs of core WO-1 and demarcation of glacially derived sedimentation events, granite clasts layers and Last Glacial Maximum interval.
jqs_2559_sm_SuppFigS2.pdf151KSupporting Figure S2: A layer at ∼1125– 1035 cm.
jqs_2559_sm_SuppFigS3.EPS1852KSupporting Figure S3: Chemical index of alteration and Rb/Sr<INF>det</INF> ratio.
jqs_2559_sm_SuppTabS1.pdf17KSupporting Table S1: Lithostratigraphy of core WO-1.

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