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jqs_2570_sm_SuppFigS1.jpg1168KFigure S1. Exposure in deformed interstratified glaciofluvial sand and gravel, dipping NNE, deposited on a kame terrace positioned along the north-west slope of Croghan Hill.
jqs_2570_sm_SuppFigS2.jpg1466KFigure S2. Cross-section of glaciolacustrine sediments overlying Clara Esker ridge.
jqs_2570_sm_SuppFigS3.jpg2171KFigure S3. Exposure in the Ballyduff Esker complex and longitudinal profile of Ballyduff Esker ridge.
jqs_2570_sm_SuppFigS4.jpg917KFigure S4. Inverse model of the pseudosection for ERT profiles RS8-L1-10m and RS8-L2-10m and interpretation of the datasets.
jqs_2570_sm_SuppTabS1.docx14KTable S1 Lithofacies coding scheme used for interpretation of exposures, modified from Benn and Evans (1998).

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